Honors Physics 2




Honors Physics is a basic physics course suitable for junior high school students and senior high school students. Due to the curriculum arrangement of high schools, many schools only provide physics classes to students 10th grade or above. Students do not have enough time to adapt to the abstract thinking characteristics of physics, and it is difficult to learn well during a short period. Early exposure to physics allows students to have enough time to exercise their logical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can inspire and help other subjects such as chemistry, biology, and engineering. AP Physics and SAT Physics are the hardest tests in standardized tests. This course will help students master the content covered in physics in high school.

Each lesson is divided into lectures and exercises, with homework and corrections every week. The last class is the final exam. This course is suitable for students in grades 7-9 who have not taken physics or are learning physics. The content of the course starts from the basic concepts and goes from basic to the deeper. Mathematics requirements: basic algebra to know how to solve simple equations, quadratic equations, coordinate systems and trigonometric functions.

This is the second semester of the one year sequence of Honors Physics, 2020-2021. You have to take honors physics 1 before you take honors physics 2!

Course Content :

  • Fluids Mechanics
  • Thermal Physics/ The Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Vibrations & Waves& Sound
  • Reflection & Refraction
  • Mirrors & Lenses
  • Wave optics
  • Electric Forces & Electric Field & Electric Potential
  • Resistor and DC circuit
  • Magnetism
  • Modern Physics

Real time instruction, weekly assignment, 18 Lessons, 6-8 students per class

Registration and Refund Guidelines

  • A non-refundable registration fee $50 will be charged to reserve the spot.
  • Class may be cancelled if no more than five students registered in each class.
  • The full tuition must be paid off before the class begins.
  • Refund must be requested immediately after the first class on the same day.
  • Registration fee and tuition for the first class won’t be refunded.
  • No refund will be granted after the first day of the class.
  • If the class is cancelled by STEM Academy, full tuition plus registration will be refunded.


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