Our Instructors

We are a team of STEM scientists and educators with advanced degrees from Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Computer Science,
English, Communication and Speech,  etc. We love teaching and we love our students.

Dr. Ken, PhD in Physics, associate professor in physics, has been teaching AP physics, chemistry and math courses for more than ten years.

Mrs. Victoria, a trained chemist and engineer,  M.S. in Engineering, has taught  high school level courses chemistry , physics  and astronomy courses for 7 years.

Dr. Michael, PhD in Astronomy, has been teaching at various colleges and universities, astronomy, general physics, math courses for more than ten years.

Dr. Eli, PhD in Biology, has been teaching AP level biology courses in college for three years.

Dr. Vidya, PhD in English. A long time teacher and educator, She will be responsible for teaching AP English, Advanced Writing, etc.

Dr. Joe, adjunct professor and full time professional writer. His expertise is highly valuable in course like creative writing, professional writing, college application essay, etc.

Mr. Mark, an experienced high school science teacher and adjunct college professor. He has been teaching science subjects for over 30 years. He is also official AP reader for biology.

Mr. David, a long time math teacher who is experienced in AP and IB courses. He has taught all sorts of math courses at high school level.

Mr. Li, experienced high school Physics and Math teacher. He will be teaching high school level math and physics courses. He also teaches AMC 8/10/12 boot camp.

Mr. Frank, high school chemistry and biology teacher. His main responsibility is teaching regular chemistry and biology courses to high school students and middle school students.



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