STEM Academy provides full-scale and customized College Application Services to students from 9 through 12 grades. Educational consultants at STEM Academy are certified educators and will provide professional consultations to help you get into your dream school! From application essays, summer intern applications, curriculum selection, to selecting schools and majors, and preparing interviews, as well as applications to scholarships and tuition assistance, all aspects in the applications are well-covered!

We offer three tiers of service packages:

Gold Package ($4,000) Year-long service package includes application essays polishing, applications materials preparation, selecting schools and majors, scholarships info, etc.

Platinum Package ($6,000) Two-year service package includes, standard tests planning, school/major planning, intern/summer camp planning, plus all services covered in Gold Package.

Diamond Package ($10,000) Three-year service package includes curriculum planning, extracurricular planning, qualifications building, scholarship applications and tuition assistance programs, plus all services covered in Platinum Package, everything that you need to get into a top school!

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation at  !

We can also handle on your behalf college applications to multiple schools from our office! Extra fee charged.



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