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la-STEM Academy advocates a liberal-arts STEM education. We strive to provide a well-rounded education that not only focuses on STEM courses, but also liberal arts disciplines. In fact, in a liberal arts education, students are typically required to study all disciplines, not just sciences, or just humanities. 


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All AP courses at STEM Academy are authorized and approved by College Board. 

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  • Honors Physics 1 ( 6-7:40PM EST on Sundays, Sep 10-Dec24, 16 classes)            

  • Honors Biology(6-7:40PM EST on Tuesdays, Sep 5- Dec19, 16 classes)

  • Astronomy (6-7:40PM EST on Thursdays, Sep 7- Dec21,16 classes)        

  • Honors Chemistry ( 6-7.40PM EST on Wednesday,Sep 6- Dec20,16 classes)        

  • AP Physics 1 , algebra-based (6-7.40PM EST on Fridays, Sep 8- Dec22, 16 classes)

  • AP Physics CM, Calculus-based, (6-7.40PM EST on Tuesdays, Sep 5- Dec19, 16 classes) 

  • AP Chemistry (6-7:40PM EST on Tuesdays, Sep5- Dec19, 16 classes)

  • AP Calculus AB& BC ( 6-7.40PM EST on Tuesdays, Sep5- Dec19, 16 classes)

  • AP Statistics ( 6-7:40PM EST on Thursdays,Sep 7- Dec21,  16 classes)   

  • AP CS A      (6-7:40PM EST on Wednesdays, Sep 6- Dec20,  16 classes) 

  • Honors Algebra I (6-7:40PM EST on Tuesdays, Sep5- Dec19,16 classes)

  • Honors Algebra II (6.20-8.00PM EST on Saturdays, Sep 9- Dec23, 16 classes)

  • Honors Geometry ( 6-7:40PM EST on Tuesdays, Sep5- Dec19 , 16 classes)  

  • AP PreCal ( 12-2pm EST on Sundays,  Sep 10- Dec3, 12 classes)           

  • Physics Competition Training Camp (f=ma, physics bowl, , 8 sessions)

  • Creative Writing Boot Camp,  (10am to 12pm EST on Saturdays, 10 sessions)

  • Beast Academy Math Class, Grades 1-5, ( Monday and Wednesday, 5-6 PM EST, 32 sessions)

  • Art of Problem Solving Training Camp, Grade 6-9, (Tuesday and Thursday, 5-6 PM EST,  32 sessions)

  • AMC10/12 Training Camp, Grade 8-11, ( Thursday and Friday, 7-8 PM EST,  32 sessions)

  • SAT Math and Reading                       (10am to 1pm EST on Sundays, 8 sessions)  

Test Prep Courses that help you to achieve scores of  5!

  • Test-Prep, AP Physics 1 , algebra-based ( 6-8.30PM on Tuesday, Feb 14-Apr4, 8 classes)   
  • Test-Prep, AP Physics 2, algebra-based ( 6-8.30PM on Friday, Feb 10-Mar30, 8 classes)   
  • Test-Prep, AP Physics C M, Calculus-based, ( 6-8.30PM on Thursday, Feb 9-Mar27, 8 classes) 
  • Test-Prep, AP Physics C E&M Calculus-based, ( 6-8.30PM on Thursday, Feb 9-Mar27, 8 classes) 
  • Test-Prep, AP Chemistry ( 6-8.30 PM on Tuesday, Feb 07-Mar25, 8 classes)
  • Test-Prep, AP Calculus AB&BC ( 6-8.30PM on Monday, Feb 13-Apr3, 8 classes) 
  • Test-Prep, AP Biology (6-8.30PM on Friday, Feb10-Mar30, 8 classes)                                  
  • Test-Prep, AP English Language and Composition) (8-10.30 PM on Wednesday, Feb 14-Apr4, 8 classes)
  • SAT Math and Reading                       (10am to 1pm EST on Sundays, Feb 22-Mar19, 8 sessions)  

  • Honors Physics 1 ( 7.30-9:00PM on Sunday, Jan 15-April30, 16 classes)               

  • Honors Biology(6-7:30PM on Tuesday, Jan 9-May3, 16 classes)

  • Astronomy (6-7:30PM on Thursday, Jan 11- May 5, 16 classes)          
  • Honors Chemistry ( 4-5:30PM on Saturday, Jan 21- May6, 16 classes)        
  • AP Physics CM, Calculus-based, (6-7:30PM on Wednesday, Jan 11-May1, 16 classes) 
  • AP Chemistry (6-7:30PM on Thursday, Jan 19-May4, 16 classes)
  • AP Calculus AB&BC ( 6-7:30PM on Sunday, Jan 15-April 30, 16 classes)                                                                                   
  • Algebra I (6-7:30PM on Friday, Jan 20-May5, 16 classes)
  • Algebra II (6-7:30PM on Saturday, Jan 22-May7, 16 classes)
  • PreCal (6-7:30PM on Sunday, Jan 22-May7, 16 classes)                          
  • Geometry ( 4.30-6:00PM on Thursday, Jan 12-Apr27, 16 classes)
  • AP Physics 1 , algebra-based ( 6-7:30PM on Monday, Jan 9-April29, 16 classes)   

  • Physics Competition Training Camp (f=ma, physics bowl, 10am to 12pm EST on Sundays, Jan 15-Mar19, 10 sessions)

  • Creative Writing Boot Camp,  (6-7:30PM on Sunday, Jan 22-May7, 16 classes)
  • Beast Academy Math Class, Grades 1-5, ( Monday and Wednesday, 5-6 PM EST, 32 sessions, Jan17-Jun10)

  • Art of Problem Solving Training Camp, Grade 6-9, (Tuesday and Thursday, 5-6 PM EST,  32 sessions, Jan18-Jun11)

  • AMC10/12 Training Camp, Grade 8-11, ( Thursday and Friday, 7-8 PM EST,  32 sessions, Jan21-June20)

Have any questions about what courses to register for your kids? what extracurricular activities to plan for your students? what colleges to apply to? what majors to get into?  We are here to help! Call us at ‪646-883-6198‬ or 646-667-7503. The first 15 minutes is on us.

Adhoc Office Hour, 1:1 tutoring for students, or academic councelling for parents, at a much discount rate 65$ per hour! We are always here whenever you need help or advice! (3pm-9pm EST) No Appoinment needed! Simply click on this zoom link. TXT to 646-883-6198 for confirmation. 

Ask us through our  Academic Consulting service! We are the savvy educators who care about students and who work to solve their problems! 

We also provide AI-powered Assessment Tests  to the students so they know where they stand, what they should do, where they should go!


STEM Academy is an online school in tristate area aiming to help students at all levels to achieve their full potentials in various STEM fields (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Physics, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Earth Sciences, Information Technology, Economy, etc.) You name it!

Courses at STEM Academy are designed based on standard middle school and high school curricula and taught in heuristic pedagogies to help students fully understand the topics and materials, receive great scores in standard tests such as AP exams and SATs, compete in state and national math and science contests (AMC8/10/12, Physics Bowl, etc.), and achieve terrific GPAs in their school transcripts, that would give them great advantages when it comes to competitive college applications.

Instructors at STEM Academy all have advanced degrees in technical fields. They are passionate and experienced educators from high schools and some from universities.

Courses at STEM Academy are offered via Zoom in real time in small groups (3~6). There is lecturing, recitation and discussion in every class. The educators make every effort so students receive enough attention to follow through the class. There is weekly homework and it will be graded and feedback will be provided.

Courses at STEM Academy are open to middle school and high school students for registration. Honors-level courses are equivalent to regular courses offered in school and Advanced-level course are equivalent to AP courses which are authorized and approved by College Board. Instructors at STEM Academy adopt modern teaching pedagogy so ensure students engagement and optimal learning outcomes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Director of Education, Dr. Ken at 646-883-6198‬. 


STEM Academy Calendar for Year 2023-2024 (12 weeks for Summer 2023, 16 weeks for Fall2023, 16 weeks for Spring2024)


STEM Academy Calendar for Year 2022-2023 (12 weeks for Summer 2022, 16 weeks for Fall2022, 16 weeks for Spring2023)


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    Registration and Refund Guidelines

    • A non-refundable registration fee $50 will be charged to reserve the spot.
    • Class may be cancelled if no more than five students registered in each class.
    • The full tuition must be paid off before the class begins.
    • Refund must be requested immediately after the first class on the same day.
    • Registration fee and tuition for the first class won’t be refunded.
    • No refund will be granted after the first day of the class.
    • If the class is cancelled by STEM Academy, full tuition plus registration will be refunded.
    • Registration fee won’t be refunded if the clients want to cancel the class for no legitimate reason.


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