Course description: During this course we will discuss topics of general astronomy and the workings of the known universe. By the end of the class students will have gained knowledge of basic astronomy terms and its history, the constellations, the types of telescopes used, the planets and our solar system, the birth and evolution of stars, galaxies, and topics in cosmology. This class is a basic algebra-based astronomy class.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Astronomy (terms and history)
  • The night sky (includes constellations)
  • Types of telescopes (reflectors vs refractors)
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Earth and Moon interactions
  • The planets (Terrestrial vs Jovian vs small solar system bodies)
  • How are solar systems made?
  • The birth and evolution of stars (including the H-R diagram)
  • Nebulas and the interstellar medium
  • Hubble’s tuning fork
  • Clusters and Superclusters
  • Cosmology (including dark energy, dark matter, and the origins of the universe)




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